Ten rules for ensuring efficient transactions:

3. Only talk to an expert who is also a generalist.
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To produce viable solutions, lawyers must have in-depth legal expertise in a variety of specialist areas – plus an eye for the big picture at all times.

You are looking for a firm in which demanding cases with major economic implications are dealt with. A firm whose advice is known to help further its clients’ business success, and that is particularly skilled in negotiating and drafting major contracts, especially in the areas of company law and acquisitions. Alternatively, you may be looking for an advisor who understands real estate law and property transactions, or the problems associated with succession.

Nor should you stop there: expect an understanding of the way business works, financial and tax expertise and, last but not least: negotiating skills and experience in developing business strategy, tactics and psychology. All this means that your “experts” also have to be generalists – people who keep sight of the big picture throughout a transaction.

Feel free to discuss your situation, your point of view and your plans openly. This is the only way you can find out whether the lawyer you are talking to can assimilate the details of your business quickly and, even more importantly, whether he can use them to achieve the goal behind your transaction.