Founders, Partners and Lawyers

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Huth (until 2006)

“We also act as sparring partners for our clients.”

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Huth, founder, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN

Dr. Huth studied in Hamburg, Munich, Oxford, Paris and Barcelona. In 1990, when working as a partner in a major commercial law firm in Hamburg and having accumulated 25 years of professional experience, he decided to establish a law firm specializing in transaction work together with Hartmut Dietrich. He retired in 2006.

Dr. Hartmut Dietrich LL.M. (Berkeley)

“When we take on a transaction, we intend to see it through.”

Dr. Hartmut Dietrich LL.M. (Berkeley), partner and founder, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on his work, his firm and himself.

Dr. Dietrich has ideas and knows how to implement them. After studying in Tübingen, Berlin and Göttingen, he took a masters’ degree in law at Berkeley. He obtained his doctorate in takeover bids under American stock market law, which at the time was a new area of mergers & acquisitions. He has remained in this business throughout his entire career, and it was also his speciality before he decided to establish HUTH DIETRICH HAHN in 1990 with his partner Klaus-Dieter Huth as a US-style law boutique focusing on implementing transactions. He provided support for the first major MBO and MBI deals in the eighties, and has since structured and executed a wide variety of transactions for a large number of clients: funds, investment pools, companies, investors and investor communities. Dr. Dietrich’s personal commitment, business expertise and negotiating skills have contributed to the success of his long-standing clients.

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Dr. Karl Freiherr von Hahn M.B.A.

“Many of our clients started off on the opposing side.”

Dr. Karl Freiherr von Hahn M.B.A., partner and founder, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on his work, his firm and himself.

Karl von Hahn was born in Holstein in 1945 and grew up in Wiesbaden. He studied in Hamburg, Heidelberg and Paris, received a scholarship from the British Law Society in London, obtained a doctorate in 1970 and did his MBA in Fontainebleau in 1974. The co-author of the “Financial Times Handbook of European Employment Law”, he speaks four languages and specializes in tax law as well as mergers & acquisitions and company and business law. “I have dealt with business issues from the outset, not least as a result of my studies in Fontainebleau. For me, the business aspects of a problem are the most important. I frequently sit on the Advisory Council or Supervisory Board of the small and medium-sized companies I work for. What they need is not just legal advice, but also support in formulating and implementing their business strategies.”

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Dr. Georg A. Wittuhn LL.M. (McGill)

“We are interested in sensible deals, not vendettas.”

Dr. Georg A. Wittuhn LL.M. (McGill), partner, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on his work, his firm and himself.

Dr. Wittuhn was born in Hamburg and studied law and philosophy at the universities of Hamburg, Geneva and Cambridge. While doing his articles, he was an assistant at the Chair of Private International Law and Comparative Law at the University of Hamburg, and also obtained his doctorate and worked for six months at the Chamber of Commerce in Mexico City. After studying in Montreal, he spent a year as a foreign associate in law firms in Montreal and Toronto. His main specialities are company law, mergers & acquisitions and estate planning, including private international law in each case. He has published a large number of articles on company law and on procedural law, and is one of the firm’s lawyers with the most experience of court work. “I want to build long-term structures, not assert short-term interests. Moral victories don’t count.”

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Dr. Wolfgang Röttger

“The importance of a case is determined by its importance for our client.”

Dr. Wolfgang Röttger, partner, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on his work, his firm and himself.

While studying philosophy and law, Wolfgang Röttger also trained at a tax advisors’ office. After working as an assistant at the Max Planck Institute and as a university lecturer, he gained professional experience in industry. It soon became clear to him that he only wanted to work in a small team, which made the move to HUTH DIETRICH HAHN in the year the firm was founded only logical. “In our business, legal acumen must be guided by an understanding of business and psychological skill.”

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Dr. Ralf Stucken

“The difference between a good lawyer and an excellent lawyer is creativity.”

Dr. Ralf Stucken, partner, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on his work, his firm and himself.

Dr. Stucken was born in Hamburg in 1961 and has been a lawyer with HUTH DIETRICH HAHN since 1991. He advises his clients in the areas of company law, mergers & acquisitions as well as real estate transactions. In addition, he contributes articles to magazines and books, primarily on company law.

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Dr. Johannes Justus Brinkschmidt

“Lawyers who can think like entrepreneurs are the best partners when it comes to successfully designing and implementing strategies.”

Dr. Johannes Justus Brinkschmidt, partner, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on his work, his firm and himself.

Dr. Brinkschmidt was born in Bielefeld and studied in Tübingen, Hamburg and Kiel. His articles included periods with auditors’ firms and with the legal department of a multinational group. This experience, together with his doctoral thesis on public companies law, predestined Dr. Brinkschmidt to a career as a commercial lawyer. He has been with HUTH DIETRICH HAHN since 1991, after beginning his career at another law firm in Hamburg. “Our clients benefit from our advice primarily because we have long-standing relationships with them that are based on mutual trust. This enables us as lawyers to understand the markets in which our clients operate, which in turn substantially increases the efficiency of our service,” says Dr. Brinkschmidt, who has been working for most of his clients for many years.

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Dr. Joh. Christian Jacobs

„We think in business terms first, then legally.”

Dr. Joh. Christian Jacobs, partner, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on his work, his firm and himself.

Dr. Jacobs was born in Bremen and studied law and business in Freiburg, Munich and Aix-en-Provence. He then worked for a year at the European Commission in Brussels and for a further year at Roland Berger in Tokyo. He then spent five years with a successful law firm in Bremen before joining HUTH DIETRICH HAHN. Like his partners, Dr. Jacobs specialises in company law, mergers & acquisitions and tax law. In addition, he advises large European families on transferring and restructuring their assets, though. Dr. Jacobs was with White & Case LLP between 2002 and 2012 focusing on the development of the business in Southeast Asia out of Singapore. He returned to HUTH DIETRICH HAHN at the beginning of 2013. He is a co-author of the standard works “International Succession Law” and “Planning and Administration of Offshore and Onshore Trusts”. He is associated with the business of his family as chairman of Jacobs Foundation, the ultimate holding.

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Dr. Jörg Peter Strasburger

„We don’t just do what we can for our clients. We are also experts at what we do.“

Jörg Peter Strasburger, partner, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on his work, his firm and himself.

Dr. Strasburger grew up in Lower Saxony and studied in Würzburg, Freiburg and Bonn. After two years at the German Federal Ministry of Economics, he decided to leave and worked for international organisations in Eastern Europe for several years. During this period, he also published a number of articles. Dr. Strasburger has been a lawyer in Hamburg since the middle of the nineties and works in the area of real estate, in current counselling – e.g. real estate developing – as well as in accompanying real estate transactions. “The legal counselling with regard to real estate law is all the better, the better the integration of civil, public and tax law succeeds.” In addition, he has been entrusted with major cases on indemnification of injustices perpetrated by Facist Germany.

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Dr. Sebastian Kühl

„The long-term success of our clients is our ambition.“

Dr. Sebastian Kühl, partner, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on his work, his firm and himself.

Born and raised in Hamburg, Sebastian Kühl studied law at the University of Hamburg, earned his doctorate degree in comparative arbitration law and thereafter worked for some years for a Hamburg based trading firm in Hamburg, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Since 1988 he practised as a lawyer, as of 1992 as partner of Feddersen Laule pp., which eventually became White & Case LLP., as of 2001 as Executive Partner of the Hamburg office. By the end of 2007 he left White & Case to become a partner of a Hamburg based private equity firm. He remained active as a lawyer and joined HUTH DIETRICH HAHN in 2014 to become a partner. Sebastian Kühl combines entrepreneurial experience with excellent knowledge of corporate law and mergers & acquisitions as well as project development and project financing.

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Dr. Martin K. Wolff LL.M. (Ann Arbor)

“With our excellent international contacts we are a competent partner in cross boarder cases.”

Dr. Martin K. Wolff LL.M. (Ann Arbor), partner, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN on his work, his firm and himself.

Dr. Martin K. Wolff grew up in the Saarland, studied in Freiburg, Geneva and Tübingen and did his articles in Hamburg while working as an assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign Private and Private International Law and writing his doctoral thesis. After taking the second part of the German federal law examinations, he studied American law for a year at the University of Michigan, graduating with a masters’ degree. A lawyer since 1983, he is the company’s contact within the international Globalaw Network. He is a member of the Friends of the Max Planck Institute and several lawyers’ associations. His specialist areas are company law, mergers & acquisitions, anti-trust law and private international law. His passion is music, which he practices in a chamber music group.

Phone: +49 (40) 41525-161

Oliver Förster LL.M. (UC Hastings)

„The be-all of success, whether in court or in contract negotiations, is a thorough preparation.”“

Oliver Förster LL.M. (UC Hastings), partner, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on his work, his firm and himself.

Mr. Förster began his studies of law at the University of Osnabrück after he had been certified as Diplom-Finanzwirt; he was admitted to the German Bar in 1997. He became a Certified Specialist Lawyer for Tax Law (Germany) in 2000. In 2003, Mr. Förster graduated with honors at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, and achieved the Master of Law (LL.M.). He is admitted to the State Bar of California since 2003. Mr. Förster became a Certified Specialist Lawyer for Commercial and Coporate Law (Germany) in 2008. He joined HUTH DIETRICH HAHN in 2003, and became Partner in 2009. M&A-Transactions and corporate law, as well as the liability of Managers (D&O-Liability) and litigation are still the core topics of his work.

Phone: +49 (40) 41525-280

Dr. Niklas Mirbach

„Law and justice are not solely determined by legal clauses but also by a sense of justice.“

Dr. Niklas Mirbach, partner, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on his work, his firm and himself.

Born in 1978 he grew up in Hamburg except for a one year stay in the USA, attending High-School. He studied law with emphasis on commercial and corporate law at the universities of Hamburg, Osnabruck, Seville and Bonn (Ph.D.). He gained first practical experience working at a renowned professional partnership in Hamburg and a Floridian law firm specialised in taxation. His judicial internship led him to stages at the M&A-Practice Group of an Anglo-American law firm and to a Texan litigation boutique. Since 2007 with HUTH DIETRICH HAHN he renders advice to clients in commercial and corporate matters, in sports law and the law of charitable foundations. Another focus of his work consists in providing legal advice to foreign investors in Germany.

Phone: +49 (40) 41525–161

Dr. Friedrich-Carl Freiherr von Gersdorff

„Our legal advice is inseparable connected to economical thinking and technical comprehension.“

Dr. Friedrich-Carl Freiherr von Gersdorff, partner, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on his work and himself.

He studied law at the universities of Passau, Goettingen and Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation). After two years as a trainee-lawyer (Referendar) at the Higher Regional Court of Celle (Oberlandesgericht Celle) he completed his legal education. Following he worked from 2005 to 2009 in the real estate practice of an international law firm in Hamburg. After a first time as a Knowledge Management Assistant he worked as an attorney-at-law (Rechtsanwalt) with a focus on the advice of private clients and public authorities in the real estate sector, in particular real estate transactions, structuring of real estate portfolios, commercial tenancies as well as project and urban development. In this time he is writing his doctoral thesis about a German-Russian comparison in the field of trade and company law. As of early 2009 he is seconded for several months to a market-listed solar company in Hamburg. There he undertakes the legal care for the solar plant of an affiliated company. In December 2009 he joined HUTH DIETRICH HAHN and became partner in 2016. He consequently focuses on the sectors real estate, plant construction and public procurement.

Phone: +49 (40) 41525-278

Dr. Malte Passarge

„Good legal advice does not look for problems, but creates solutions.“

Dr. Malte Passarge, partner, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on his work, his firm and himself.

Malte Passarge was born in Hamburg in 1973 and studied law in Passau, Münster and Greifswald (where he received his doctorate in 2002). During his studies he co-founded the student consultancy move e.V. Malte Passarge was admitted to the bar in 2004 and has been a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law since 2011. After working for several years as a manager at one of the big four auditing firms, first in the legal department and later in the business line governance, risk and compliance, he became a partner in the law firm Passarge, Prudentino & Rhein. Since 2020 he has been a partner at HUTH DIETRICH HAHN.
Malte Passarge is also managing director of Pro Honore e.V. and editor-in-chief of the “Compliance Consultant”. He is a speaker and author of numerous publications on commercial law in the areas of compliance, corporate law and insolvency law.
Malte Passarge advises larger medium-sized and owner-managed companies on all questions of corporate law, general commercial law and the implementation of compliance management programs.

Phone: +49 (40) 41525-0

Dr. Ann-Kathrin Schleusener LL.M. (Law and Econ.)

„We enjoy the thrill and the dynamics involved in any deal.”

Dr. Ann-Kathrin Schleusener LL.M. (Law and Econ.), Attorney-at-Law, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on her work and herself.

Hamburg-born Dr. Schleusener studied at the Universities of Hamburg, Lausanne, Bologna and Aix-en-Provence. During her legal clerkship she spent stages at a shipowning company, the German Embassy Pretoria and also obtained her doctorate. In 2013 she joined HUTH DIETRICH HAHN and is advising her clients mainly in the areas of company law and real estate.

Phone: +49 (40) 41525-0

Dr. Gianandrea Schmidt

„The ability to distinguish between the essential and the peripheral and draw reasonable conclusions thereof is essential for a lawyer.”

Dr. Gianandrea Schmidt, Attorney-at-Law, HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, on his work and himself.

Dr. Gianandrea Schmidt was born in Hamburg and studied law as well as political science and literature at the universities of Marburg, Lausanne and Münster. After his studies he returns to Hamburg where he gathered his first work experience in the M&A-Practice of an American major law firm. There he also spends his legal traineeship, which also led him to one of London’s leading law firms in the field of real estate transactions.
In July 2015 he joined HUTH DIETRICH HAHN, where he advises international and domestic companies in all areas of corporate law as well as on M&A transactions and Joint Ventures. He also represents clients from the real estate sector on structuring, financing and arranging of real estate projects.

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